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That moment you realize you locked your keys in the trunk with the rest of the groceries is horrifying. You are now locked out of your vehicle unless you keep a spare key. There is never a convenient time to be locked out of your car, and you will need access to it sooner than later. There are several options available if you lock yourself out of your car:

Contact Catlett’s Service Center & Towing for emergency roadside assistance.

Although you may have many talents, breaking into your vehicle is likely not one of them. Attempting to break into your car could cause damage to the car door. If you are stranded in the middle of a parking lot, you also do not have access to the tools you need to break into your vehicle. Contact Catlett’s Service Center & Towing is the safer and easier route.

We offer emergency roadside assistance in the greater Davidsonville, MD area. Catlett’s Service Center & Towing will make it to your location within 30 minutes of your call. We offer emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day and seven days per week. Our friendly auto technician will get you back into your vehicle quickly.

  • Upgrade to Keyless Entry

Keyless entry means you will never become locked out of your vehicle again. However, not all makes and models support keyless entry. Catlett’s Service Center & Towing can inspect your vehicle and see if it meets the keyless entry lock installation requirements. At the minimum, an auto technician must install a keyless lock. However, your car might require a new door or a new door handle.

Do Not Panic if You Lock Your Keys in Your Car

Over 4 million Americans lock their keys in their cars annually, so you are not alone—Contact Catlett’s Service Center & Towing for quick and easy access to your car. Rather than stressing about how to get into your vehicle, call the 24-hour towing service at 410-956-2466.