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Summer heat is no joke, especially in the south, where temperatures can quickly reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A study found that the interior of a vehicle can hit 116 degrees Fahrenheit in just 1 hour of being parked outside. Those extreme temperatures wreak havoc on both the interior of your car and your car’s mechanical components. You could take measures to mitigate any heat damage to your vehicle. A mechanic can also perform a tune-up to ensure that none of your vehicle’s components are close to failure. Our Catlett’s Service Center & Towing technicians are experienced in performing diagnostic summer tune-ups.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Battery

Like in extremely cold conditions, extreme heat can also quickly drain a battery. If you live in a hot climate area, you may not get the expected 4 – 5 years out of your battery. Our service technicians at Catlett’s Service Center & Towing can check how much life is left in your battery.

  • Protect Your Seats

Leather seats are susceptible to sun damage over time. Leather will crack and fade over the years as it is exposed to the sun’s rays. You can mitigate this sun damage by using seat covers or a windshield shade in your vehicle. A windshield shade will also substantially lower the interior temperature in your car, making it more comfortable when you first get in.

  • Check Your Coolant Levels

The last thing you want to be without is coolant during a summer heat wave. Coolant keeps your engine from overheating, so it has its work cut out when it is extremely hot outside. Coolant levels in your vehicle should always be topped off during the summer.

Low coolant levels could indicate a coolant leak in your vehicle. This is a severe mechanical issue that should be addressed immediately. Catlett’s Service Center & Towing can quickly diagnose and repair any leaking coolant issues.

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Catlett’s Service Center & Towing is available Monday through Friday to perform a summer tune-up on your vehicle. Our technicians will check hundreds of points on your vehicle to ensure that you are ready for the summer heat. If any issues are found during the diagnostic exam, we can give you a free estimate on the repairs. Please call 410-798-5446 to schedule your appointment.