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The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and your vehicle is ready for its spring tune-up. Spring is the best time of year to get your general cleaning and tidying out of the way. The same applies to your vehicle. Do not let the dirt and grime of winter remain on your car throughout the spring and summer. Performing a spring tune-up could potentially save you money in vehicle repair bills down the line and extend the overall life of your vehicle. Catlett’s Service Center and Towing are able to perform spring tune-ups on both small and large vehicles.

Process of a Spring Tune-Up

A spring tune-up checks several key items in your vehicle and ensures that your car is ready for the warmer months ahead. This summer do not go on that long road trip without performing your spring tune-up at Catlett’s Service Center and Towing.

Tire Change & Rotation

Not everyone has winter tires installed on their vehicles. Some climates do not receive enough snow to make winter tires a financially feasible decision. However, if you installed winter tires, we will swap them out with all-season tires during your spring tune-up.

We will also rotate your tires. Depending on your exact manufacturer specifications, tires should be rotated around 7,500 miles or 6 months. Your front and back tires do not wear evenly at the same rate due to how your vehicle’s weight is distributed. Uneven wear on tires leads to a decreased tire life expectancy and could cause an accident. Tires with uneven wear do not perform as well in wet or slippery conditions.

Vehicle Alignment

Your vehicle will pull to one side or the other if it is not properly aligned. This is potentially dangerous because you have less control over your vehicle. Your tires will also wear down faster.

Fluid Replenishment & Battery Check

It is essential to replenish fluids used during the winter months. Checking fluid levels is also an easy way to find leaks in other systems. A coolant leak or oil leak may be found by having lower than expected fluid levels.

Batteries do not fare as well in cold conditions. It is easier to drain a battery in cold weather. By checking the current life left in your battery, you will not run into an unexpected dead battery during the upcoming months.

Catlett’s Service Center and Towing can perform your full-service spring tune-up. Contact our office at 410-798-5446 to schedule your spring tune-up.