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Brakes are often overlooked by car owners when it comes to routine maintenance. Most people remember to get their oil changed periodically, or their tires rotated, but how many of us remember to change our brake pads? However, neglecting your brakes will lead to devastatingly high repair bills. Catletts Service Center and Towing in Davidsonville has experienced technicians that can quickly diagnose and repair any problems with your brakes.

Brake Problem Signs

You should not ignore any of the following signs if they occur to your brakes. Without fully functioning brakes, you risk getting into a car accident. If your vehicle is showing these signs, you should immediately bring your vehicle to Catletts Service Center and Towing for an inspection.

  1. Squealing or Grinding Noise when Stopping

A squealing noise that occurs when you stop indicates worn brake pads. Brake pads prevent the calipers from directly rubbing against the rotors and are needed to stop your vehicle. When the brake pads wear down over time, they will get thin enough to where you hear the metal calipers rubbing against the metal rotors.

This is dangerous because it prevents you from effectively reaching a complete stop, and replacing a rotor is much more expensive than replacing brake pads. The average cost to replace a single rotor is between $298 and 391, while the average price to replace a set of brake pads on two tires is $150. Considering that it costs 4.5 times more to replace a rotor than to replace your brake pads, you should contact Catletts Service Center and Towing at the first sign of brake squealing.

  • Reduced Braking Ability

If you must push your brake pedal to the floor before it begins to slow down your vehicle, you should not wait another day to come into our shop for an auto inspection. Reduced brake responsiveness could be as simple as needing new brake pads or something more serious like a leak in the brake system. Low brake fluid will allow air to get into the brake lines, reducing braking.

As soon as you notice that your brakes are failing, you should bring your vehicle to Catletts Service Center and Towing. Our technicians will quickly diagnose your brake problem and quote you a competitive price for fixing the issue. Contact our shop at 410-798-5446 to schedule an appointment.