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Cars are like undergarments, if they work properly you do not think about them throughout the day. Unfortunately, when your car has a problem that prevents it from working properly, it can ruin your entire day. Prevent sudden breakdowns by ensuring that your vehicle is always highway ready. Our service technicians at Catlett’s Service Center and Towing can perform a 100-point inspection on your vehicle. This inspection thoroughly examines every aspect of your vehicle and gives recommendations on what will need to be serviced soon.

Catlett’s Inspection Process

Our in-depth inspection process takes into consideration every aspect of your vehicle. Some of the areas that we may check include:

  • Tire Pressure and Tread

Balding or uneven wear on tires is a sign that you need new tires and an alignment. Bald tires are dangerous to drive on because you will quickly lose traction in slippery conditions. If your tires have low pressure, that could indicate that you have a leak. A leak could be patched, depending on where it is located on the tire. However, the best option is usually to replace the old and worn down tire at Catlett’s Service Center and Towing.

  • Fluid Levels

The levels of your oil and coolant are a great indicator of the health of your vehicle. A car with low oil and coolant levels could indicate a potential leak. A coolant leak is bad for your vehicle because once it is low there is nothing available to cool down your engine. There is no saving an overheated engine.

  • Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake pads that are worn down are a safety hazard because you lose stopping power. Brake pads that are worn down will begin to dig into the rotors of your vehicle. This means that you not only have to pay to replace brake pads, but you must also replace the damaged rotors. It is easier on your pocketbook to replace the brake pads before they damage other components in the vehicle.

Having your vehicle highway-ready is easy when you bring it into Catlett’s Service Center and Towing. Our technicians will perform a 100-point inspection to ensure that every problem is brought to your attention. Contact our office at 410-798-5446 to schedule an appointment for an auto inspection in Davidsonville.