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Mechanics are like doctors for vehicles. However, mechanics have their work cut out for them because their patients do not speak. There is however a way for a technician to get an inside look at what your car is thinking. They can use an automatic diagnostic tool to read your car’s electronic system. This diagnostic tool will tell a technician if a component in the electronic system is failing or throwing a code. Catlett’s Service Center & Towing has decades of experience performing diagnostic work on all vehicles, from small sedans to large, big rigs.

What is a Diagnostic Tool?

The computer diagnostic tool is plugged into the computer port under the front dash. This tool communicates with the vehicle’s electronic system to check for codes. A car throws a code when it senses something is wrong with one of its internal components. For example, if one of your spark plugs is in the process of going out, it will trigger a “check engine light” on your dashboard.

If a check engine light comes on in your vehicle, bring your vehicle in immediately to Catlett’s Service Center & Towing. We can use our computer diagnostic tool to identify what code your vehicle is displaying. Once our technicians identify the code, we will verify the code by performing an in-depth diagnostic exam.

Sometimes, knowing the code alone is not enough to determine what is wrong with your vehicle. Bringing the vehicle to an experienced technician is the safest way to ensure that your vehicle gets repaired quickly and safely.

Can a Vehicle Break Down Without a Check Engine Light?

Not every issue in a vehicle will trigger the check engine light to come on. It is possible for a vehicle to have a component fail without having a check engine light displayed on the dashboard. As the vehicle owner, you understand better than anyone how the vehicle should be acting. If your vehicle is behaving badly without a check engine light, you should still bring it into Catlett’s Service Center & Towing. Please call Catlett’s Service Center & Towing at 410-798-5446 to schedule your diagnostic test.