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As you drive your vehicle over the years, you grow accustomed to how it sounds and handles. Once your car begins to make strange noises, it could be normal wear, or it could be a forewarning of a more pressing issue. Once you notice any of these 6 noises, it is time to have an inspection by an experienced technician. Bringing your vehicle to Catlett’s Service Center & Towing for diagnostic testing could catch an issue early before it becomes an emergency.

Although every vehicle has its specific cadence, most vehicles will make the same noises once parts begin to break down. Any of the following sounds coming from your car, especially if they are new, warrant bringing your vehicle into Catlett’s Service Center & Towing:

Squealing or Grinding When you Press the Brakes

This noise means you have little to no brake pads on your vehicle. The squealing or grinding noise is the brake calipers grinding against the rotors. It is a characteristic metal-on-metal grinding noise that we all recognize. You must immediately bring your vehicle in for new brake pads once you hear this noise. Driving a car with no brake pads is dangerous because your stopping power is significantly reduced. You will also damage the rotors, leading to a more costly repair.

Screeching Sound While Driving

If a screeching sound is heard while driving, not braking, it is likely a worn serpentine belt. Although a serpentine belt usually lasts 60,000 to 100,000 miles, it can give out at any time. Once the serpentine belt breaks, you cannot drive your vehicle. If you think this belt is wearing down, have a technician at Catlett’s Service Center & Towing take a look. We can replace or tighten the serpentine belt before it becomes an issue.

Clunking While Driving Over Bumpy Roads

Going over potholes or bumps will not be smooth in any vehicle. However, the car should not make a clunking sound when going over a bump in the road. A clunking sound could be indicative of a poor shock absorber or strut.

Part 2 will describe three more worrisome sounds.

Let Catlett’s Service Center & Towing Diagnose Strange Car Noises

Our friendly technicians can narrow down what is making the strange noise in your car. Contact our service center at 410-798-5446 to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test.